About Us

With the Power Of Digital
We Use Data-Driven Strategies to Drive Growth

Rimarkble Media is a data-driven agency that specializes in performance digital marketing. Our team of experts uses a fresh approach to marketing that helps businesses grow online. We believe that data is the key to success in the digital world, and we use it to create effective campaigns that reach your target audience, increase your conversions, and boost your revenue. We work with clients across various industries and sizes, tailoring our services to fit their goals and budget.

Why Choose Us

We transform brand culture into brand advocacy by leveraging digital tools to establish a dedicated community of loyal customers.


Effective strategies that empower brands to adjust and prosper in the digital era.


Striking, attention-grabbing creative design engineered to boost conversions.


Compelling brand narratives, identities, and campaigns with a significant impact.


Engaging video and photography that inspires and prompts action.

Paid Social

Utilize the potential of Social Media Advertising to create widespread awareness, stimulate growth, and achieve a positive return on investment (ROI).


Increase your website traffic by securing top rankings on search engines.

Paid Search

Paid search marketing focused on ROI, designed to convert new customers and expand your brand.

Social Media

Expand your community of devoted brand supporters through the influence of social media.


Our mission at Rimarkble Media is to strengthen small and medium enterprises through the delivery of unmatched digital marketing services, fostering growth, amplifying brand presence, and boosting sales revenue in alignment with our vision.


Our goal is to achieve global leadership in providing digital marketing solutions for small and medium enterprises. We aim to accomplish this by cultivating a work environment centered around employees, promoting creativity, collaboration, and professional development.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a result-driven marketing professional and entrepreneur with a keen focus on transforming businesses through technology and innovative strategies. With over a decade of experience, he has developed a unique blend of marketing acumen, leadership abilities, and technical expertise that enables him to drive growth and scale startups strategically.

Amit is a Seasoned sales & marketing professional with hands on experience in business development and marketing operations, prior to launching Rimarkble Media, He worked for Leading National and International Brands where he was a  where he played an essential role in the wheel of fortune.